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Dr. Tricia Groff Ph.D

  • Health Services & Home Health
1717 E Bell Rd
Ste. 9
Phoenix, AZ 85022
(480) 382-0383
Monday-Thurs By Appointment; Fridays and Weekends Available for Premium Services
  • About

    I am a licensed, concierge psychologist who works with high achievers. Most of my clients are professionals, business owners, and executives.

    Areas of focus include:
    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (career transitioning, workplace conflict,support when clients are involved in lawsuits)
    PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (personal excellence, relationships, grief, spirituality), HEALTH & WELLNESS (stress, weight, balance)
    PEAK PERFORMANCE (priorities, energy management, mental game, goal achievement). All communication is confidential and privileged.

    APPROACH: Research, common sense, and strategic planning are central to my thought process. I want my clients to acquire information and tools that will yield continued return for the rest of their lives.

    PUBLIC SPEAKING: Motivation blended with specific strategies and relevant research