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Justo's Gym is your family owned and family operated world class training facility. Justo's passion is working with the individual who has little hope of getting in shape. Justo loves people and is a Parkinson's Fitness Trainer also a Autoimmune Fitness Trainer. Justo gets results no matter the individual! The gym boasts over 1000 sq. ft. of matted flooring under a Rack System with heavy bags. Over 1000 sq. ft. of cardio and weight room equipment. Full Professional Boxing ring. Justo's Gym teaches boxing and muay thai and also has a full time competition fight team. We are one of the very few gyms that have a Dynamic Bergamo 4-person FAR Infrared Sauna and JOOVV RED LIGHT THERAPY for improved fitness! WE can and will HELP YOU ACHIEVE ANY GOAL! Come in for your free class today!