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City of Scottsdale seeks business insight to ensure future efforts meet expectations

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February 06, 2017
City of Scottsdale seeks business insight to ensure future efforts meet expectations
As the City of Scottsdale Economic Development Strategic Plan moves from paper to life, Scottsdale is seeking your input to ensure that future efforts remain targeted.
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The City of Scottsdale economic development department is launching an online feedback portal to ensure that City economic development strategic plan efforts remain targeted in areas most beneficial to Scottsdale businesses.
Business representatives can complete the online feedback form ONLINE AT THIS LOCATION (takes about 15 minutes or less).
Respondents are not required to provide personal information to participate, and thus may remain anonymous. Responses provided via this portal are administered by TheMindSuite, a Scottsdale-located company, which will aggregate the data and make it available to the City and the community.
The City of Scottsdale Economic Development Strategic Plan was approved by City Council Feb. 15, 2015. It was developed with significant input from the business community via one-on-one meetings and focus groups, as well as extensive economic research. The Plan was designed as a five-year strategy, and is now two years into that plan. Since its adoption, a number of significant accomplishments have occurred.
For detailed information on programs, events and achievements related to the Scottsdale Economic Development Strategic Plan, visit, view annual and quarterly reports, or follow the department at @ScottsdaleEcDev.
About the City of Scottsdale
Scottsdale is one of the state’s leading job centers, with a diverse economy built on medical research, high-tech innovation, tourism and corporate headquarters. Scottsdale is home to nearly 18,000 businesses supplying over 150,000 jobs. The high-tech innovation center SkySong, located just a few miles from Downtown, is designed to help companies grow through a unique partnership with nearby Arizona State University. The Scottsdale Cure Corridor is a partnership of premier health care providers and biomedical companies seeking to advance medicine and patient care through cutting-edge research. For more information, visit
About MindSuiteMetrics
For over 30 years, MindSuiteMetrics has been measuring the relationships that organizations of all types (including business, government, associations and charities) have with their customers and team members. We are the developers of the revolutionary Harmonizing Human Performance GPS which integrates all of these requirements (customer satisfaction, organizational engagement, culture, innovation etc.) into a single and ongoing tool.
Media Contacts:
Christian Green
Economic Development Manager
City of Scottsdale
(480) 312-2612
Wayne Clancy
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Christian Green, Economic Development Manager-Strategic Marketing, (480) 312-7989