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June 02, 2016
PHOENIX (June 2, 2016) – Perfect Water Technologies, the innovative water purification and reverse osmosis (RO) filter-supply company, recently announced increased online distribution of its top selling products. The Home Depot will carry the company’s Home Master series brand of water filter systems through this retail agreement.
For nearly 15 years, Perfect Water Technologies has been providing quality drinking water nationwide. With expanded distribution through and its seven distribution centers that support e-commerce direct fulfillment, many more consumers now have access to patented products that safely remove up to 99 percent of harmful water contaminants.
The Home Master series from Perfect Water Technologies features whole-house water filtration systems, sink top and under sink RO water filtration options and products for hydroponic needs. The average rating of Home Master products on is 4.7 out of 5 with 93 percent of consumers recommending the brand for its quality long-lasting filters and easy-to-install systems.
“Consumers have many options when it comes to in-home water solutions, we’re proud to offer them the highest-grade systems with our Home Master series,” said Jon Sigona, president of Perfect Water Technologies. “We attribute our continued growth with The Home Depot to the proven performance of our products, which through this expansion are now more accessible to homeowners throughout the country.”
With its patented water treatment systems, Home Master products remove the majority of water contaminants including chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. The catalytic carbon filters not only break down potentially harmful impurities, but also help absorb foul odors and tastes that may exist.
For more information about Perfect Water Technologies’ Home Master products or to review consumer testimonials, visit
About Perfect Water Technologies
Perfect Water Technologies is an innovative water purification and reverse osmosis (RO) filter-supply company. Specializing in the Home Master series of home and garden systems, the company has developed patented technologies that remove up to 99 percent of potentially harmful water contaminants, providing the highest-grade catalytic carbon filtered water. For more information about Perfect Water Technologies and Home Master products, visit
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