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June 16, 2017
Perfect Water Technologies, an American manufacturing company located in Arizona and specializing in innovative whole-home water purification and reverse osmosis (RO) solutions, today announced a deal with the Alkaline Co. of the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan, expanding distribution of its Home Master® brand product line globally.
Specializing in RO solutions for homes and businesses, Perfect Water Technologies’ reverse osmosis systems eliminate up to 99 percent of common water contaminants including heavy metals, chlorine, pharmaceuticals and bacteria when used as directed. With this expansion in Kazakhstan, the company is supporting ongoing growth and development in a country touted as one of the most economically advanced in its region.
“It is my dream to bring not only clean, but healthy, fresh water to my country,” said Akhliddin Ismailov, president of the Alkaline Co.
Perfect Water Technologies will make its Home Master® HydroPerfection Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems available through Alkaline Co. This top selling water filtration solution removes contaminants such as dissolved solids, metals and pharmaceuticals, breaking down harmful impurities and absorbing foul odors and tastes. The purified water then passes through Perfect Water Technologies’ patented Full Contact® remineralization system to restore essential calcium and magnesium minerals lost during the RO process, resulting in pure Mineral Water on Tap®.
“Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country based on geography,” said Jon Sigona, president of Perfect Water Technologies. “A presence in this arid part of the world affords us an opportunity to introduce our innovative water filtration solution while supporting sound water quality management in the country. This partnership between Alkaline Co. and Perfect Water Technologies moves us along a path of expanded distribution and international accessibility.”
In the US, Perfect Water Technologies Home Master® product line is available at and For more information on the company’s innovative process or for a list of product details, visit

About Perfect Water Technologies
Perfect Water Technologies develops innovative water purification products for home and garden under the Home Master® brand. Founded in 2002, the company has developed a patented remineralization system for reverse osmosis systems to reduce storage tank degradation, improve water quality and reproduce perfect natural water. Recent efforts have focused on bringing the highest-grade catalytic carbon to all of our carbon filters to address the growing concern with chloramines. For more information about Perfect Water Technologies and Home Master brand products, visit
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